St. Ann’s Community, a special place to call home

St. Ann’s Community is such a special place to live because we strive to promote the highest levels of independence and physical and spiritual well-being of our seniors.  We work to enable each resident to live his or her life the way he or she wants.  Your gifts help us to make that a reality for the most important people on earth.

Our philosophy is one of person-centered care.  We develop each resident’s care plan to fit the needs and desires of that person so they live the lifestyle they want.  That might mean providing a life-long craftsman with a woodworking station or a keyboard for a pianist.  It might be an ice cream social, a night at the movies or a music and movement class.

St. Ann’s Foundation offers every donor the opportunity to help us make these lifestyles a reality.  Your gift might provide the next parlor party or cooking class for our seniors.  Person-centered care is one thing that truly makes St. Ann’s so special.


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