Transitional Care at St. Ann’s Community

Highly skilled rehab care.
If you’ve had a procedure like hip replacement surgery or something unexpected like a stroke or cardiac event, you may need transitional care to help you get back on your feet.

Two things you should know:
1) St. Ann’s Community offers highly skilled rehab care that will get you healthy and home before you know it.
2) Where you go for rehab is entirely up to you. Tell your hospital social worker you want to go to St. Ann’s.

Then call us to preplan your stay.
When you preplan, you have the comfort of knowing there’s a room waiting for you. You won’t have to worry about making last-minute decisions or settling for a rehab center that doesn’t meet your needs. We’ll help you make all the necessary arrangements.

Contact Us.
Have questions about transitional care? Ready to preplan your stay at St. Ann’s? Schedule a time to speak with our admissions team today, or call (585) 563-3723. We look forward to talking with you and providing you the most advanced and comfortable transitional care around.

Transitional Care at St. Ann’s Community

Why St. Ann's?

Our medical team has a singular focus: Helping you gain the independence you need to return home.

We do that by providing you with:

  • An experienced medical team that includes board-certified internists/geriatricians, nurse practitioners, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists
  • Admissions 7 days a week
  • Rehab 5 days a week for the quickest possible recovery
  • The latest technology to help you get more out of rehab, faster
  • Experts certified in specialties like stroke care, wound care, and on-site swallowing evaluations using FEES technology
  • BIG/LSVT/Speak Out therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s disease
  • An indoor “car” to help you learn to get in and out of your vehicle again
  • Newly remodeled private rooms with cable TV and internet access

You couldn’t ask for a better therapy team. They’re entirely focused on giving you the care you need to feel better and go home. If I ever need rehab again, I’m going to St. Ann’s.

– Mike S.

Everyone worked patiently and diligently to get the best possible rehabilitation for our beloved family member. She still has a long road ahead, but your staff has optimized her chances. No facility matches yours.

– Bob M

I first went to St. Ann’s for rehab years ago and I’ve gone back twice for different health issues. I love it there! You couldn’t ask for better care. I hope I’m done needing rehab, but if not, I’m going to St. Ann’s!

– Rita D.

Video: Bob shares how rehab at St. Ann’s was a “complete gamechanger.”

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