St. Ann’s Foundation

Our Mission and Purpose

St. Ann’s Community is a 501(c)(3) organization promoting  the highest levels of independence, and physical and spiritual well-being of older adults in the Catholic tradition of excellence in care and services.

St. Ann’s Foundation raises needed resources to enhance programs and services for our elders. Our generous donors have a daily impact on our elders and care teams across our community.

“Mom had a wonderful experience with St. Ann’s. When we visited, we talked about life and family instead of healthcare problems. When we weren’t there, we knew she was well taken care of. Helping St. Ann’s Community to grow and be successful is an opportunity to honor her memory.”

Jim and Ann Gould – family members

Impact of Your Gift

In 2022 our donors had a tremendous impact on caring for the elders of St. Ann’s.  Full details can be found in our Annual Report within our St. Ann’s Community Newsletter, Summer 2022 Edition.

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