Join us in fighting for the rights of Seniors and the nursing homes they live in.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is public support for a particular cause or policy – and for St. Ann’s, we are fighting for adequate Medicaid funding so we can continue to provide the highest level of care for our Elders. We implore you to educate yourself on the issues nursing homes are facing, and join us in advocating!

What am I Advocating for?

The 2024-25 Executive Budget Proposal for NY is being urged to reform and invest in nursing home Medicaid rates. Current rates cover just 75% of care costs and haven’t been updated since 2007, leading to a significant funding shortfall. A proposed investment of $510 million in the 2024-25 fiscal year aims to address this, with a goal of fully revising and funding the rates by 2025.

How do I Advocate?

Our allies at LeadingAge have compiled digital letters that send your message directly to the Governor’s office.

We must prioritize care for New York’s seniors – make your voice heard!

Featured Resources/In The News

A Critical Call to Address the Medicaid Crisis | By Michael E. McRae, President and CEO of St. Ann’s Community

The time for New York State intervention was yesterday, but our daily advocacy for proper funding is vital. I delve deeper into this critical issue in this article.

Rochester nursing home leaders join statewide coalition urging reform of Medicaid reimbursement

New York’s Medicaid program is the main payer for the nursing home care provided in the state, but there is an $810 million annual state funding gap when annual costs are compared to reimbursement.  

New York’s nursing home crisis demands urgent action: Address the $810 million funding gap, bed shortages, and staffing challenges by reforming Medicaid rates and increasing investment in aging services!

Medicaid reimbursement reforms are necessary for long-term care stability

As Gov. Hochul prepares for the 2024 budget cycle, a coalition of nursing homes are urging the governor to implement important reforms to New York’s Medicaid reimbursement policies.

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