St. Ann’s Angels

St. Ann’s Angels celebrated their ten-year anniversary recently. There is much to celebrate. A decade ago St. Ann’s Angels envisioned supporting the financially limited residents by way of Annie’s Angel Fund.

Today, ten years later with fortitude and compassion, their quest has enriched the lives of many. With over one hundred Angels strong they continue on their mission of brightening the lives of the Most Important People on Earth. Their fundraising efforts continue as does the number of donors contributing to Annie’s Angel Fund in support of this noble cause. Hundreds of donors have joined in supporting this simple desire to give our seniors the ability to enjoy the common pleasures that bring joy to life.

Quality of Life Grants continue to enrich residents’ everyday lives. Enabling residents who could not afford otherwise simple pleasures like lunch out with friends, a trip to the beauty salon, or new clothing. The number of residents served annually is a testament to the Angel’s mission and vision.

Contact Volunteer Services:
Barbara Joyce: 585-697-6523,
Judy DeLucia: 585-697-6727,