1873 Society

What is the 1873 Society?
The 1873 Society was established to honor St. Ann’s Community’s one hundred and fifty year history and is rooted in our tradition of excellence in caring for the most important people on earth.

The purpose of the 1873 Society is to recognize donors who give $1,873 or more to St. Ann’s Community annually. More so, the Society serves to enable members to be a part of a select circle of donors who prioritize the mission of St. Ann’s Community, and helps position us to continue to provide high quality care for our elders.

Vision for the 1873 Society
Gifts to the 1873 Society are acts of confidence in the future of our organization. Through the generosity of 1873 Society members, St. Ann’s Community will be well equipped to serve our community for generations to come.

Value of Joining
Being a part of the 1873 Society is a philanthropic commitment to St. Ann’s Community. Your gift is an outward display of dedication to our mission, the elders we serve, and places priority on creating a lasting impact. All 1873 Society members will be recognized at our Salute to Philanthropy event and be invited to other exclusive events at St. Ann’s Community.

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