Volunteering at St. Ann’s

Becoming a volunteer at St. Ann’s offers the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our elders.

How to get involved:

Becoming a Community Volunteer allows you form long lasting relationships with the Elders of St. Ann’s Community. Join our team and participate in the daily activities, celebrations, and milestones!

  • Pastoral Care: Help with the simple act of assisting Elders from their rooms to Mass in our chapel. Connect with our elders as a Eucharistic Minister – or share your faith with Elders by visiting with individuals and sharing in prayer.
  • Life Enrichment: Become a friendly face who builds connections with the Elders in their homes! Engage in events & activities by helping our Life Enrichment team facilitate small group activities – like puzzles or games – or just visit with Elders one on one. Some fun activities occurring daily are include BINGO!, playing music, arts & crafts, manicures, gardening, and so much more!
  • Pages with Pals: Travel the world and across time as a “Pages with Pals” volunteer. We’ll pair you up with an Elder or small group, and together you choose a book to read and an adventure to go on!
  • Friendly Visits: Be paired with a neighborhood in the St. Ann’s Community and regularly come to visit with the same individuals on your own schedule. You’ll really get to know this Elder as you play games, watch tv, or simply keep each other company.
  • Friendly Pet Visits: Think of how full your pets make your home! Share your pet’s love and snuggles with the Elders of St. Ann’s Community! Want to see someone’s face truly light up? Bring your fur baby in to visit!
  • As needed Volunteering: Your life can be busy, but the desire to volunteer is still there – so volunteer for special occasions, large events, or when it fits your schedule!
  • Create your own experience: Do you have a special talent you’d like to share? Enjoy painting nails? Are you artsy? Play an instrument? Are you crafty? Have your own idea of how to spend time Elders? We always have opportunities for volunteers like you!

How might you make a difference? 

Volunteer Process & Requirements

  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.
    • Volunteers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult volunteer on the weekend, unless otherwise approved.
  • Complete a Volunteer Application form.
  • Complete a background check.
  • Complete a confidential health screening.
  • Must be vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Complete an interview with the Volunteer Services Manager.
  • Complete a “Good Fit” meeting with the preferred partnering department.
  • Attend an orientation with the Volunteer Services Manager.

Opportunities for groups to be involved:

We would love to have your group come in and spend time with the members of St. Ann’s Community – both Elders and staff! We have a few ways for your organization to connect with the Elders in our community.

Adopt a Grandparent Event:

  • Come spend a morning, afternoon, or evening with out Elders! Activities will be based on the size of your volunteer group, and can range from assisting in daily activities, to participating in big events, or creating something unique just for your group.
  • The ideal timeline for an “Adopt a Grandparent Event” is one month prior to the desired date, but depending on the activity we can work with a shorter timeline. Groups coming in have a really great positive impact on the days and lives of our Elders!

Hosting an event at your location:

  • Hosting a community service fair? Want to make holiday cards for elders? Have a unique idea of what people in your location can do to benefit our Elders? Connect with the Volunteer Services Manager, Colleen Holcomb, for materials and the possibility of having staff helping support the event!
  • Have an event happening at your community, like a school play or a concert? Our Elders would love to attend! There are many ways to collaborate on these events – contact Colleen to learn more.

Other Ways to Be Involved:

Request a Presentation:

Ways to Raise Funds for St. Ann’s Community:

  • Does your group participate in or host fun team building activities (i.e., bowling, dodgeball, jeans or casual day, etc.)? Consider raising funds to support the elders of St. Ann’s Community!

Contact Volunteer Services:
Colleen Holcomb, Volunteer Services Manager
585-697-6523| [email protected]

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