Honoring the Greatest Generation: A Call for Proper Medicaid Funding

By Michael E. McRae
President & CEO, St. Ann’s Community
March 18th, 2024


During a recent conversation, Sue, the devoted daughter of one of our residents here at St. Ann’s, shared something about her mother that has stuck with me:

“These elders have been hailed as the greatest generation. Veterans went to war and fought for their country when most were still children themselves. They are not a generation of ‘self-entitlement’; instead, they have spent their whole lives giving back to their communities and country. They would never seek handouts from their country.”

Sue’s words resonate deeply, highlighting the values of this remarkable generation that I have the privilege to work for every day. While they would never ask for it, our seniors from this era need our support, especially through proper New York State Medicaid funding.

“The Greatest Generation” is more than just a label; it’s a testament to the character and resilience of those who lived through some of the most challenging times in modern history. They faced immense challenges with courage and determination, shaping the world we live in today. Their commitment to duty and honor is a shining example for us all.

“The Greatest Generation” isn’t just about military service; it’s about a whole group of people who, during tough times like economic hardships and global conflicts, came together to face challenges. They rebuilt our communities and showed us what resilience really means.

While this might feel like ancient history to many policymakers in Albany, the reminders are all around us, whether it’s at our Veteran’s Day events or simply having lunch with our residents. Seeing them proudly wear their WWII Veteran hats or celebrate their 100th birthdays serves as a daily reminder of these individuals and their incredible life stories.

These individuals, now residing in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, deserve our respect, gratitude, and, most importantly, our commitment to ensuring that they receive the care and support they need – care and support they have rightfully earned in their golden years. It’s what we would want for ourselves when the time comes, and it’s what is morally right.

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