Embark on an exciting adventure with the CNA Training Program - your pathway to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant!

Combining theory, hands-on lab experiences, and immersive clinical training, this program propels you toward mastering the art of compassionate care. Set within the vibrant backdrop of St. Ann’s Community, each moment of classroom, lab, and clinical training hones your skills for the challenges ahead. Completion of this course isn’t just a milestone – it’s your ticket to the NYS written certification exam and clinical evaluation, solidifying your path to success in the field of healthcare. 

YOUR INSTRUCTORS: The CNA instructor, a Registered Nurse with extra training, caters to nursing assistant students’ unique learning needs. The CNA coach, a seasoned certified nursing assistant, aids in evaluating and training new CNAs. They support Nurse Aide trainees by helping with classroom tasks and ensuring smooth transition into the CNA role for graduates.

Upcoming Training Sessions

June 24th, 2024

September 10th, 2024

The selection process for the CNA Training Program is highly competitive, and it admits a limited number of applicants each session. If selected, you MUST bring a letter of reference from a teacher, neighbor, former boss, coach, etc. (NO family members, please).

Please note: The CNA Program will only be listed on the St. Ann’s job site while applications are being accepted. Please mark your calendar and plan accordingly! If you do not see the program listed, applicants are not being accepted at that time. There is no waiting list. 

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