Commitment to safety, morale, and to St. Ann’s Community, Pt. II

By Michael E. McRae
President & CEO, St. Ann’s Community
March 24th, 2022

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” – Albert Einstein

All members of St. Ann’s Community resemble this famous quote from Albert Einstein. We’ve overcome every obstacle, adapted to all changes, and done so with excellence. More changes? Bring them on!

Speaking of changes, you may have noticed some new faces around St. Ann’s Community, as we temporarily have an additional level of safety in form of The United States National Guard. Here to back-up the staff of St. Ann’s Community, these individuals are providing defense in the less traditional sense. They aren’t protecting our doors, or providing medical assistance, but they are stepping in to protect our staff from fatigue. They are filling in to prepare meals, they’re helping with cleaning, and they’re assisting in the warehouse. They are stepping in wherever they are needed, and doing whatever they can to help out.

As with most new employees, these members of the National Guard are quickly understanding what it’s like to care for the most important people on earth.

Unlike the military operations, national disaster relief, and assistance overseas, Sgt. Morrissey, a member of the US Air Force and National Guard who is working here at St. Ann’s, admitted he did not know what to expect upon arriving his first day.

“Overall, it has been a very pleasant experience,” says Sgt. Morrissey. “I’ve enjoyed cooking breakfast and lunch for the residents, and the staff members seem so grateful for the extra support. Many times, we’re asked to stay after meals are completed to play bingo, paint, and chat with the residents. The Veterans who live here love to share their stories. The more we get to know the residents, the more they open up and tell us about themselves.”

If you see one of our uniformed members of the military walking around the building, please take a moment to shake their hands and thank them for coming to our assistance. You may even catch Sgt. Leon in the Wegman Care Center next week cooking up his family recipe, bandeja paisa, per the request of our residents.

What will it be like at St. Ann’s Community in next month? How will things be different this summer? I’m sure we all daydream about the day when things return to ‘the new normal’. But until then, there’s no sitting back and waiting. There’s just learning from the changes, adapting, keeping our morale high, and continuing to care for the most important people on earth.

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