Wegman Care Center

Located in Irondequoit

It may be the most important thing about a skilled nursing center: being treated like an individual. And it’s the reason St. Ann’s takes a different approach to Skilled Nursing, called “Person-Centered Care.”

Person-Centered Care means we find out what is important to you. Then we adapt our care to fit you, instead of asking you to adapt to us. We take special interest in learning about you and what makes you happy. And then we work to make that happen.

As always, St. Ann’s continues to provide care that is exceptionally advanced. And at St. Ann’s, we believe we have the most skilled and compassionate medical professionals in the area. They have years of experience in providing proactive, quality care along with the gentle, understanding support you need.

Schedule a Visit: Let us help you get all the information you need to make an informed decision. To schedule a visit to the Wegman Care Center, please CLICK HERE.

The Wegman Care Center is located adjacent to St. Ann’s Home in Irondequoit.

Person-centered care

Wegman Care Center
  • Discover Your Passions: We learn about your favorite activities, like gardening, reading, or enjoying Geva Theatre. Then, we make them accessible to you.
  • Flexible Dining: Our Country Kitchens let you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your own schedule.
  • Personalized Wake-Up Times: We ask when you’d like to start your day and adjust our schedules to meet yours.
  • Preserve Your Routines: We understand the importance of maintaining the things you’ve always loved, like receiving the morning newspaper, and ensure you can continue these habits.
  • Spiritual Care and Services: Our full-time pastoral care team and regular Mass services in the St. Ann’s Home Chapel support your spiritual needs.
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