Tree of Life

A Planned Giving Society

Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other’s. By remembering St. Ann’s Community and the most important people on earth with a gift in your will, you will forever be part of our Tree of Life. More importantly you will know that your gift will help to change the future of senior care and services.

Located in the main lobby of St. Ann’s Home, the Tree of Life mural fills a wall with color and life. Donors who share their plans with us will have their name artfully etched on one of the glass leaves.

The Tree of Life society is for the special donors who have made a gift to St. Ann’s through their will or other planned gifts. St. Ann’s is blessed by these individuals and families for their generosity, leadership and foresight in benefiting our community for generations to come:

Anonymous (5)
Rebecca Ahrns-Walker
Michelle Ashby & Matt Coleman
David & Rachel Bandych
Carl & Mimi Bayer*
Paul & Donna Berardicurti
Martin & Ann Birmingham*
Bob & Karen Bourg
Maggie & Paul Bringewatt
Linda C. Brunner*
Julie & James M. Caluneo
George Caputo*
Robert* & Lee DeLelys
Reverend Albert Delmonte
Reverend William Donnelly
John & Lauren Doyle
John* & Beverly Dunn
Joan H. Frazier
Billie & Douglas Gale
Adelaide & Stephen Goldman
Ann & Jim Gould
Frank M.* & Jeanne B. Hutchins
Monica Jenkins
Mark* & Kathy Keogh
Tracy H. Kroft
Lorine Lazure
James J. Leo & Kathleen Masters-Leo
Anthony J. Malone Family
Michael & Nicole Marro
Maureen K. McCoy
Michael & Kellie McRae
Mary L. Moffit
F. Christine Mohr
Carole Sehm Mulcahy
Betty Mullin-DiProsa and Frank DiProsa
Marilyn A. Nicholson*
Seth & Anna Norton*
Carol & Michael O’Neal
Kathleen Prince
Barbara J. Purvis
Thomas P. Riley & Barbara M. Kelley
Eugene* & Marie E. Roth
Walter J. Roth*
Joan & Jim Ryan
Bob & Cindy Ryan
Ron & Sharon Salluzzo
Bill Schirk*
Margaret E. & Stephen Schwartz*
Michael & Celeste Seelig
Carlton* & Alice Servas
Steven & Paula Smith
Laurel & Michael Tarcinale
Marjorie D. Tellier *
Tom Tette and Ginny Kennedy-Tette
Patricia M. Thummel

Donors honoring others with their gifts:
In memory of Mary Ellen & Albert Burke
In memory of Rose C. Gigliotti
In memory of Laverne Graning
In memory of Martha E. Sparkes

*Denotes deceased member

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