Jim & Ann Gould

“Mom had a wonderful experience with St. Ann’s. When we visited, we talked about life and family instead of healthcare problems. When we weren’t there, we knew she was well taken care of. Helping St. Ann’s Community to grow and be successful is an opportunity to honor her memory.”

Jim & Flower Leo

Jim and Flower are clear that their retirement years are not about them, but rather about volunteer work and their support for St. Ann’s. They believe in St. Ann’s staff and the great care provided. “St. Ann’s believes in always improving and adapting to meet the needs of the elders,” says Jim. “They always have what is best for the person as the key concern.”

Bernie & Patti Iacovangelo

“Everyone knows the elders at St. Ann’s,” says Bernie. “They are family members and those who guided you to the life you now lead – teachers, neighbors, business owners -those who helped build the community we know today.” Spiritually, Bernie and Patti feel it’s important to give back. “St. Ann’s has a mission that we can share with the Lord when we meet Him.”

Ron & Sharon Salluzzo

“St. Ann’s is an integral part of our lives,” says Ron. Both his mom and aunt live at St. Ann’s. “This is the first Board I’ve served on where I’ve been really engaged with the organization,” he shares. “We are proud to be part of St. Ann’s and provide philanthropic support, due to what I’ve seen with my own family, and because St. Ann’s Community is driving the quality of care for seniors in Rochester.”

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