Planning a visit with your pet?

We welcome pet visits to St. Ann’s Home

Thank you for your interest in bringing your pet in for a visit! In order to ensure safety and to meet the standards set by the regulatory agencies, please do the following:

Send us your pet’s Health Records by mail, email, or fax, or drop them off in person. Health Records include current vaccination record and verification that your pet is free of any infectious diseases. Often, Veterinarian Clinics are happy to send these records in for their patients.

Once St. Ann’s receives this information, please go to the Security Desk to pick up your Pet Card. You will need to show this card to the receptionist when you bring your pet in for visits.

Send to:
David Marinucci, Security Supervisor
St. Ann’s Community
1500 Portland Ave
Rochester, NY 14621
Phone 585-697-6619
Fax 585-342-1695
Email: [email protected]

While you are visiting with your pet, we ask that:

  • Your pet remains well behaved.
  • Your pet is clean and free of infectious diseases.
  • Your pet is leashed and never left unattended.
  • You clean up after your pet as needed.
  • You are sensitive to those that dislike animals, and always ask others if they like animals before approaching.
  • You do not bring your pet into the dining room area during meals.
  • You report any incidents or injuries involving a pet to a staff member immediately.

We hope to see you and your pet soon!

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