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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure you receive the most from your retirement, and we especially want you to make an informed choice. At Cherry Ridge, we encourage questions, so not only can you choose the retirement option that’s right for you, but you can also feel confident in your decision. Here is a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions, conveniently arranged by categories, and their answers to get you started.


What is Cherry Ridge?
Combining the best parts of life to create your ideal retirement lifestyle, Cherry Ridge offers a comprehensive, practical way to plan for the future. It’s a place where an active, independent lifestyle is enhanced by a multitude of programs and services, and peace of mind is possible from on-site assisted living and memory support services, plus priority access to skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, if ever needed, all brought to you by St. Ann’s Community, the area’s leading senior housing and health care provider.

Who owns Cherry Ridge?
Cherry Ridge is owned and operated by St. Ann’s Community, a private, Catholic, not-for-profit organization. St. Ann’s Community is the area’s leading senior health care and housing provider, furthering its mission to promote the highest levels of independence, and physical and spiritual well-being of older adults in the Catholic tradition of excellence in care and services.

How did the idea of Cherry Ridge come to fruition?
Frankly, because it’s what today’s seniors are asking for. Now more than ever, seniors are making a conscious choice to take control of their retirement future and demanding a variety of lifestyle options. Cherry Ridge is the answer for those seniors desiring to continue their present active, independent lifestyle in a charming, hometown setting with the assurance and availability of high-quality health care. Cherry Ridge, as part of the St. Ann’s Community family, perpetuates their faith-based tradition of excellence in care and services for seniors.

How is Cherry Ridge different from other retirement communities?
Cherry Ridge sets itself apart from other communities by its customized approach to senior living, offering a wide variety of residency, lifestyle, service and amenity options to fit individual preferences and needs. Further, St. Ann’s Community— the area’s leading senior health care and housing provider — serves as owner and developer of Cherry Ridge, bringing its expertise and 130-year tradition of quality care to the project. Cherry Ridge brings together the best of all things —

  1. A charming, attractive small town setting with easy access to the excitement of Rochester, conveniently located near the airport and a variety of cultural, recreational and spiritual opportunities.
  2. Flexible residency plans and versatile service options for a practical combination of financial stability and comfortable retirement living for your future.
  3. Promise of future health care, including on-site assisted living and memory support services, and priority access to skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, if ever needed, from the area’s most trusted and credible provider, St. Ann’s Community.


Where is Cherry Ridge located?
Cherry Ridge is nestled on a 41-wooded acre site near Five Mile Line Road, with convenient access to a variety of local attractions and places of interest including both the International airport and downtown Rochester. Ten acres will remain forever wild to preserve the beauty of the natural landscape, providing a peaceful setting for this vibrant community.

Why did you choose Webster?
More than 22 percent of the greater Rochester population is 50 years or older — and that number continues to grow. As such, more and more area seniors are looking for quality housing options that allow them an independent, yet maintenance-free lifestyle.

Why are area seniors interested in Cherry Ridge?
Now more than ever, seniors are making a conscious choice to take control of their retirement future and demanding lifestyle choices that meet their ever-changing needs. Through our extensive research, we found area seniors wanted to stay in the community but have access to a more independent, maintenance-free lifestyle. Cherry Ridge provides a customized approach to senior living that allows them to have exactly what they want.

Are there other senior living options available in the greater Rochester area?
There are other options for seniors in the area, but none offer the practical, flexible approach to retirement that Cherry Ridge does. Additionally, Cherry Ridge is owned and operated by St. Ann’s Community, one of the most respected providers of quality services and residence options for seniors in our area.


What is Cherry Ridge like?
Cherry Ridge features the latest in retirement living conveniences while embodying the charm and appeal of Webster. Nestled among beautiful trees and gently rolling terrain on 41 wooded acres near Five Mile Line Road, Cherry Ridge is truly a beautiful, private sanctuary with 71 one- and two-bedroom independent rental apartment homes, 55 cottage homes, 51 assisted living apartments, 24 memory support suites and 72 skilled nursing suites. Plus, your home also offers you access to our state-of-the-art Community Center, which includes a fitness center, café, pub, private dining room, club room, computer stations, chapel, multi-purpose room and more.

What services are available?
Independent Living at Cherry Ridge offers a comprehensive array of services to its residents including activities programs, utilities (except phone, internet and cable), complimentary continental breakfast, emergency call service, exterior and interior maintenance, garbage and recycling pick-up, health care checks and screenings, no-cost laundry facilities, scheduled van transportation, snow removal and lawn mowing, wellness promotion and exercise programs. Plus, à la carte housekeeping and meal plans are also available, so you can conveniently choose and only pay for what you need.

What are the residences like?
Cherry Ridge has one- and two-bedroom floor plans available. Each residence includes a fully equipped kitchen, individually controlled heating and air-conditioning, washer/dryer, storage, 24-hour security, and high-speed Internet and cable access. The two cottage home floor plan styles, a two-bedroom and a two-bedroom with den, both feature an attached garage, walk-in closets, modern kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, two full baths, fireplace, cathedral ceilings, full-size washer/dryer, high-speed Internet and cable access.

How does Cherry Ridge promote health & wellness?
Cherry Ridge engages seniors in the community with a strong network of positive relationships, which emphasizes self-esteem and empowers you to pursue a lifestyle with higher physical, intellectual, emotional and social expectation.

Is the community safe and secure?
Yes, as a resident of Cherry Ridge, you enjoy 24-hour security. Additionally, each residence is equipped with a personal response system for added protection and long-lasting comfort.

What about the traffic in and around Cherry Ridge?
For added safety, convenience and accessibility, the city of Webster has installed a traffic signal and new turning lanes in both directions at the entrance to Cherry Ridge.


What are the costs involved with living at Cherry Ridge?
Independent Living at Cherry Ridge offers the choice of an apartment or a cottage home. While all accommodations are ultimately rentals, the cottage homes offer some extra options: You can choose a straight-forward monthly rental program, or you can choose an entry fee program. Entry fees are an up-front payment made prior to move-in, and you can choose for it to be refundable (90% of total entry fee) to you or your estate, or non-refundable. Non-refundable entry fee plans offer the lowest monthly rental rates and are a great option for a resident planning to remain in the cottage for a long length of time. Whichever plan or accommodation you choose, you will enjoy a lifetime of services, amenities, and social activities for a predictable monthly fee. In addition to the amenities and activities included with residency at Cherry Ridge, we offer a range of a la carte options like additional dining, housekeeping, custom maintenance, and more – and you will only pay for the services that you want. All residents will receive priority consideration to all future care options provided by St. Ann’s Community, if ever needed. Questions? Please schedule a call with a member of the Cherry Ridge Marketing Team by clicking here. 

How do I know if I can afford Cherry Ridge?
If you’re like others who have chosen their place at Cherry Ridge, you’re a careful planner who does solid research before making any big financial commitment. When you carefully compare the true cost of living in your current home to living at Cherry Ridge, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our community really is. Our versatile residency options and flexible financial plans allow you to tailor your initial investment and monthly service fee expenditures to fit your own budget. Furthermore, among seniors who choose the entrance fee cottage home option, many find that equity already tied up in home ownership covers most, if not all, of the cost.

How does Cherry Ridge compare to the costs of staying in your own home?
That’s a difficult question to answer as individual home costs and expenses vary. What people should remember is that with a community like Cherry Ridge, you’re really getting more than a home — you’re getting the opportunity to maintain an active, independent lifestyle, similar to what you presently enjoy, without the burden of home maintenance, the worry over increasing property tax assessments or future concerns about obtaining quality, affordable health care should the need arise. So when you consider Cherry Ridge is an inclusive lifestyle that provides you a beautiful maintenance-free residence, limitless health services by the leading senior care provider in the area, you’ll see it’s an affordable alternative to staying in your own home.


What’s the benefit of Cherry Ridge being not-for-profit?
As a not-for-profit, all profits made are reinvested directly back into the community so as to stay true to St. Ann’s Community’s mission and vision. Additionally, Cherry Ridge receives a variety of financial benefits including tax-exempt status, and lower advertising and operational costs which add up to greater savings and tax benefits for residents. Research has also indicated not-for-profit communities provide more hours of patient care per day and invest more resources into health services.


How do I know this is for me at this time in my life?
Aren’t you ready to enhance your current lifestyle, while gaining valuable peace of mind? It’s always better to come to a place like Cherry Ridge while you’re able to enjoy all it has to offer, and while you can make the decision on your own terms. It’s too easy to wait until a change in health makes the decision for you (and limits your options!).  Only you can answer the question of whether Cherry Ridge is right for you right now, but the fact that you’re in the position to ask that question is a wonderful thing, and coming in for a tour can help you answer it once and for all.

How do I know I won’t be relinquishing my sense of independence?
At Cherry Ridge, independence and freedom is what we’re all about. With a maintenance-free residence and wide range of services and amenities, you’ll have plenty of time to savor life’s many pleasures. Our prompt, friendly staff will be available around-the-clock to help you with whatever you may need, or to take care of your residence while you’re away With more free time and surrounded by friendly neighbors, you’ll be enjoying more of what life has to offer — your main problem will be how to fit all the exciting opportunities into your schedule!

Will I get bored? What will there be to do?
Cherry Ridge will be anything but boring! Our beautiful landscape is ideal for various outdoor activities, and we have a fully equipped fitness center providing you the indoor opportunity to stay physically active. Choose from a complete calendar of activities such as concerts, trips, parties, educational classes and seminars, guest speakers, spiritual opportunities, volunteerism and much more. You’ll have every opportunity to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle and wonderful friendships to be made at Cherry Ridge, if you so choose.

How can I fit everything I own into an apartment or cottage home at Cherry Ridge?
It’s true that organizing and streamlining your possessions in preparation for a move may seem overwhelming at first. However, most people who move to retirement communities say they feel a tremendous weight lifted off their shoulders by simplifying their lives in this way. Cherry Ridge residences are quite spacious, with plenty of room for your most treasured belongings and other furnishings. Also, remember that your living space extends well beyond the four walls of your residence. Our community offers an extensive array of common areas and amenities you’ll never find in a private home, all available to you year-round.

Moving is so much work — how will I ever handle it all?
Don’t worry — we’re here to help! At Cherry Ridge, You’re marketing representative can help you plan your move from beginning to end. This specially trained staff member will suggest reliable moving companies and even move managers who can make all your arrangements for you. Your marketing representative can help you visualize the layout of your new home, and make suggestions based on their experience with those spaces. Our goal is to make your move to Cherry Ridge exciting and stress free, so just let us know what you need and we will be there to help when the time comes.

What if my family and other advisers think I should continue to live in my current home?
Many of us are uncomfortable with change, preferring to maintain the status quo than explore something new. Family members and advisers may not fully understand the benefits and value of moving to Cherry Ridge. We, at Cherry Ridge, are always happy to speak directly with family members and others whose opinions you respect. Once they understand how wonderful life can be in our community, they’re likely to encourage you to make the decision that’s right for you.


When should seniors start thinking about their retirement future?
It’s never too early to begin planning for your retirement. The earlier you start, the more time and energy you have to explore all the options available to you. Our marketing representatives at Cherry Ridge can help you best determine the retirement and lifestyle choices available to fit your unique situation and desires.

How are retirement communities changing?
Retirement communities are changing because seniors are changing. The senior population is larger and more diverse than ever before — and seniors are demanding living choices that meet their ever-changing needs and desires. Today’s retirement communities aren’t where people go to “sit and rest,” they are vibrant, active communities that support the independent lifestyles of their residents while providing access to quality health care services if ever needed.

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