St. Ann’s Home/St. Ann’s Care Center regularly enters into contracts with vendors for goods and services in the normal operation of our business.  Our largest expenditures are with vendors who provide payroll processing services, food and dietary supplements for our residents, contracts for technology support of our patient/resident medical records, financial reporting, communication, and pharmaceuticals for our patients/residents.  For further information please contact St. Ann’s Community at or call Jean Brown, Budget and Planning Manager, at (585) 697-6354.

The Daily Room Rates for skilled nursing, updated on 6/28/2022, are as follow:

Facility Rates
Private Pay
Regular Room $528/day
Renovated Small Room $566/day
Renovated Large Room $590/day
Wegman Care Center $571/day
St. Ann’s Care Center $571/day
Special Care Unit $584/day
Leo Center for Caring $590/day
Transitional Care $691/day
All rates include tax
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