New Technologies at St. Ann’s: Enhancing Care and Efficiency

At St. Ann’s Community, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the quality of care for our residents while making the work of our dedicated care team more efficient. Recently, we’ve embarked on several exciting technological advancements that promise to significantly reduce the time our care team spends on routine tasks, allowing them to focus more on our residents. Here are some highlights from a recent discussion with our IT team members, Aaron Fields, Chief Information Officer, and Katherine Streeter, Clinical Informatics/ITS Engagement Lead.

 Revolutionizing Temperature Monitoring with ColdTraq

One of the tedious tasks for our staff has been manually checking and documenting the temperatures of our 142 refrigerators that store everything from medications to food. Previously, this task was performed a daunting 283 times daily. The reason we take these measures is to comply with Department of Health regulations, ensuring all stored items remain safe and effective.

To address this, we have piloted a technology called ColdTraq. This system involves installing units in our refrigerators that automatically record temperatures every five minutes and send alerts if temperatures fall outside safe ranges.“ColdTraq not only ensures more accurate monitoring but also frees up our staff to engage more with residents,” explains Aaron Fields. “This innovative approach has significantly reduced the workload on our staff.”

Introducing Cleaning Robots

We are also exploring the use of advanced cleaning robots to further reduce manual labor. “These robots can operate autonomously for hours with easily swappable batteries and consumables – it’s like a Roomba on overdrive,” says Fields. “We can maintain the highest level of hygiene while allowing our staff to focus on care and more specialized tasks.” This cutting-edge technology ensures that our environment remains impeccably clean without compromising the personal interaction that is so vital to our residents’ well-being.

NexStride for Enhanced Mobility Therapy

Another innovative pilot program is NexStride, a device designed to improve the mobility of our residents, particularly those undergoing rehabilitation. This device attaches to walkers or canes and projects a green line on the floor along with a metronome beat, helping residents improve stride length and walking rhythm. By incorporating NexStride into our rehab treatments, we aim to provide advanced therapeutic tools that facilitate quicker recovery, helping patients get back on their feet faster and with greater confidence,” says Fields. This simple yet effective tool is making a big difference in our residents’ recovery journeys.

Enhancing Communication with Engage

To improve communication and engagement, we’ve launched a new content management platform through Sentrics called Engage. This system integrates with digital displays around the community and personal devices like Amazon Echo. It centralizes information dissemination, allowing residents, families, and staff to easily access calendars, dining menus, and important bulletins.

 “Information can be updated seamlessly, up to the minute, and shared in one click. In the future, there’s a plan to incorporate a custom St. Ann’s App, where residents can sign up for events and get personalized updates,” says Katherine Streeter.

Future Tech Integrations

At St. Ann’s, our commitment to leveraging technology ensures that our residents receive the best possible care while enabling our staff to focus on what truly matters – building meaningful relationships and Caring For the Most Important People on Earth. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and improve our services.

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