• 403b Retirement Plan with employer contribution and employer match
• Workers Compensation
• Flexible Spending Accounts
• Health Savings Accounts
• Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
• Employee discounted pharmacy prescriptions
• Paid Holidays, PTO, and sick leave for benefit-eligible employees
• Health Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Tuition Reimbursement
• Cell Phone Discounts
• Volunteering Opportunities

Employee Scholarships

St. Ann’s Employee Scholarship program provides annual support to employees who are furthering their professional development through continuing education.  Scholarships are available to any employee who meets the application criteria.


Unlike tuition reimbursement, these scholarships can be used for any purchase that will assist you in your studies.  On average, a total of $30,000 is awarded each year.  Established in 2008, this program is sponsored by St. Ann’s Foundation and is funded entirely through generous support of our donors.


To learn more about the Employee Scholarships, please contact [email protected].

Educational Opportunities

There are multiple types of education that the department offers for all staff.


These include but are not limited to:
• Competency/skills fairs
• Enhancing quality care
• Leadership education
• Preceptor education
• Safe Patient Handling
• Positive dining experiences for residents
• Team building
• Just-in-time education for complex medical interventions

Career Advancement System (CAS)

The CAS supports and fosters the growth and development of both LPN and CNA staff. Inherent in the CAS is recognition and reward for staff who contribute to the St. Ann’s mission by providing person-centered care.


A structured sequence of levels for progression, the Career Advancement System gives staff members an opportunity to demonstrate competence and a readiness to take on new responsibilities.


For more information, please reach out to Elizabeth Tomaszczuk at [email protected]

Long-Term Career Opportunities

Sometimes an entry-level position can be the starting point for a long and rewarding career.


Having opportunities to advance at your place of employment is key. St. Ann’s Community offers those opportunities, as two long-term employees can attest. Together, they have nearly 50 years of service at St. Ann’s—and both say it’s our residents who make it all worthwhile.


Learn more about Ed Neal here.

Learn more about Elizabeth Tomaszczuk here.

CNA Program

St. Ann’s Community offers CNA programs year-round. Consisting of a minimum of 75 hours of education, including classroom, lab, and clinical components, program participants will complete a computer-based test and a competency demonstration in order to receive official certification.


A CNA performs various tasks in their role. These include taking vital signs, providing or assisting with routine personal, facilitation of basic needs being met, and observing and reporting changes in a resident’s condition or abilities. A CNA spends more time with residents than other members of the health care team and because of this, they become the “eyes and ears” of the team. A CNA must have strong interpersonal skills and must be a compassionate, caring individual who has a desire to build relationships with residents.

St. Ann’s Leadership Academy

The St. Ann’s Leadership Academy is an eight-month program that provides St. Ann’s employees with an opportunity to learn about a variety of leadership “essentials” and acquire skills that will enhance career growth and development. Program members work together with an outstanding group of co-workers in an environment that promotes learning and self-exploration.


The program allows employees to work collaboratively and individually on different projects to both benefit themselves and St. Ann’s Community. Upon completion of the program, members are better prepared for both formal and informal leadership roles.


For more information about the Leadership Academy, please click here.

Community Connection

St. Ann’s Community is committed to being a good neighbor. We have been blessed with generous support from our community and feel the obligation to give back our time, talent and resources.


Our employees and their families and friends come together throughout the year supporting a wide range of charitable causes that include the annual United Way campaign, the Alzheimer’s Association, Foodlink, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross and dozens of other charitable organizations.


Last year alone we donated more than 1800 hours of volunteer time and contributed a total value of $201,000 back to our community.

Meaningful Resident Engagement

St. Ann’s Community is truly that, a community. St. Ann’s is a place where staff are able to create meaningful and lasting relationships with the residents, patients, and families we serve. Not everyone has the privilege to work with people who were born when the Model-T was invented, attended one room school house, served in WWII, or danced to Benny Goodman. We do!


We are able to learn from their experience, wisdom and warmth to foster relationships and provide quality care. It is the friendships we make through meaningful engagement such as lunch trips, social events, resident volunteer work and much more that makes our jobs so special.

Wellness Team

Join a team at St. Ann’s Community that offers opportunities for employees to focus on wellness at work.


St. Ann’s participates in the Corporate Challenge and provides opportunities for employees to source local-made foods and local-grown produce by teaming up with the Good Food collective to get deliveries at work. We take part in the Alzheimer’s Walk and giving back to our community.


We help add options of healthier choices at employee events and in the employee dining areas. There is a weekly walk fit class on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. We also team help organize and present a wellness and benefit fair in the fall every year.

Curbside Market

The Curbside Market  is a year round Foodlink-staffed truck that offers fresh seasonal produce at affordable prices.


The Curbside Market comes to St. Ann’s Community every Wednesday from 10:00am – 10:45am.  The truck parks by the Wound Care entrance, and is open to all residents, participants as well as St. Ann’s staff.


To learn more about the Curbside Market Program, please contact [email protected].

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