Stitched with Love by Nancy

Posted on February 10, 2021 |

 If you’re an employee of St. Ann’s Home and Wegman Care Center, you’ve likely seen Nancy’s face on display throughout the building. She’s the talk of the town!

Nancy is currently auctioning off one of her handcrafted crocheted afghan blankets with proceeds to benefit Annie’s Angels. Nancy worked on this blanket for over a month with several hours being put into the design each day. This idea stemmed from a previous donation to an auction where one of her blankets helped raise over $600 for her church.

At the age of 10, Nancy learned crocheting from her aunt and started by creating bed dolls and smaller scarves before moving onto larger projects. She then carried on the family tradition to her daughter, Carrie.

When asked if crocheting taught Nancy patience, she replied that the ultimate test of her patience was when she taught her daughter to crochet at a young age. Carrie, being left-handed, had to learn in a clever way.

“I had to tell her to stop looking at my hands and only watch through a mirror,” says Nancy.

Nancy has loved the care she’s received so far at St. Ann’s Community, and she holds a special place in her heart for Annie’s Angels – as she loved the holiday gifts and cards she received from the fund in December.

Nancy says: “Everyone I’ve ever created a crochet for has loved and cherished it. When I told my daughter that I wanted to do something nice for St. Ann’s Community, since they have been so good to me, she told me ‘Mom – crochet a blanket’!”

This auction is eligible to employees of St. Ann’s Community. Stop by the lobby of St. Ann’s Home to buy your raffle ticket before 2/19!

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