Living Life to the Fullest

I love this picture.

It reminds me of family traditions … the “religion” of planting the garden and harvesting the vegetables.

I remember making sauce on Sunday and gathering at my great-grandfather’s table.  And there with “Papa,” we ate, swapped stories and laughed … oh, how we laughed!

And when Papa, needed long term care, he came here to St. Ann’s.  Our family brought the Sunday sauce to him and his Ninth Floor friends.  We continued to create beautiful memories right here at St. Ann’s Community.

I jumped at the chance to join St. Ann’s recreation therapy team five years ago.  Papa had such a great experience here, and I wanted to provide that for other seniors too.  Now, as Director of Life Enrichment, I have a great team working for our residents.

Every day, I see the important role our donors play here at St. Ann’s.  Donors make it possible for our seniors to live full lives.  We have cooking clubs, group outings to favorite restaurants, ball games or concerts.  We’ve got the legendary “Dude Parties,” choirs, and lots of ways to gather and celebrate life together.

Like so many of our seniors, Papa ran out of resources before he ran out of energy.  Medicaid pays a mere fraction of the cost to provide the programs that we do.  I am so glad donors were there to be sure that he was able to take part in activities and live the life he deserved.

Your support is critical for our seniors to live the lives they deserve.

When Maria, who lives on the fifth floor, needs special transportation to get to her granddaughter’s wedding, your gift of $100 will enable her therapist to make those arrangements.

When the Lunch Bunch plans their next outing to Bill Gray’s, your gift of $50 will allow another of my team to pay for lunch for Frank, Joe, Phil and Lou who cannot afford it.

And with your $25 gift, the Gardening and Cooking Clubs will be able to enjoy lots of laughs together over Sunday Sauce.

As you consider your gift, please be as generous as possible.  Your investment in the most important people on earth makes it possible for them to live the full lives they deserve.

Thank you.

TriciaJean Jones
Director of Life Enrichment

To invest the most important people on earth, please click here.

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