Special Care Unit at St. Ann’s Home

Special Care Unit at St. Ann’s Home

Quality Care for Those Most in Need

The Special Care Unit is designed for individuals who are in the mid to late stages of dementia and require skilled nursing care. This includes Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

Physical Design

The SCU is designed as a safe, calm environment with familiar faces and routines to reduce anxiety. Because people with dementia can wander, we created a continuous indoor walking path with resting spots that include a garden and aviary.

These rest areas can decrease agitation and minimize the physical impact of constant walking. The indoor garden provides space for residents to pot new plants and flowers to brighten their home. The aviary offers the uplifting effects of bird songs year round and an opportunity for residents to help staff care for the birds.

The design also supports participation in life skills. We offer a country kitchen for social gatherings, family-style dining, baking, cooking, and midnight snacks. If a resident mixes up their days and nights, they can come into the kitchen for warm milk and cookies and receive the support of a caring, well-trained staff member.

Meaningful Activities

Meaningful, small group activities provide structure and routine for SCU residents while engaging them in socialization. Daily activities encourage spontaneity through music, art, exercise, dance, song, and sensory stimulation.

Families are invited to join the Family Advisory Committee to help with unit planning and programming and to share their input with staff and other families.

Staff Engagement

Staff receive three weeks of training and education to prepare them to work on the SCU. Subjects include understanding and managing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. They learn the philosophy of the Pioneer Network, a national movement for culture change in elder care that places the resident at the center of care. Staff are empowered to get to know residents, respect their individuality, and help them live life to the fullest.

Other staff training includes food handling and serving techniques, helping residents do personal laundry and light housekeeping, maintaining a pet, plant therapy, and many other areas that enrich their jobs and our residents’ lives.

Want to take a tour? It would be our pleasure!
To schedule a guided tour of the Special Care Unit, please contact our Admissions team:
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Special Care Unit – St. Ann’s Home
1500 Portland Avenue
Rochester, New York 14621
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