Will Peachey,(Maintenance Mechanic – middle), was nominated by the wife of a St. Ann’s resident, Caryl. Caryl said:
“I’ve had many dealings with Will and he is always pleasant. He truly is a nice guy who enjoys helping.”

 Raphael Fernandez (RN, 9th Floor), was recognized by past Transitional Care patient, Fred. Fred said:
“The staff on the 9th Floor were wonderful! Very kind and caring. Raphael was very attentive, kind and patient.”

 Antonia Morales, (CNA – left) and Marie Jackson, (CNA – right), and were both recognized for their exceptional care of fourth floor couple, Vince and Jean. Their son, Vincent Jr., donated to the Star Fund and nominated them. He said:

“Marie is an absolute gem. She is always professional and caring and consistently takes wonderful care of my parents. Our whole family appreciates Marie!”

“Antonia genuinely cares for the fourth floor residents. She took immediate action when I pointed out that my dad’s chair needed cleaning. She is professional and caring.”

 Bethany Steixner (Occupational Therapist – left), and Amanda Talma (Physical Therapist – right)
Barbara, wife of Charles – a former resident of St. Ann’s Community – nominated them and contributed funds to St. Ann’s Foundation with gratitude for the wonderful care they provided for her husband during his time at St. Ann’s. “They gave him hope,” said Barbara. “They encouraged him to work as hard as he could and provided every aid that he needed. It was the highlight of his day.”

Thank you Amanda and Bethany for being shining examples of what it means to live the St. Ann’s Experience!