Sasha-Kaye Needham
(CNA, 5th floor SAH), was nominated by the family of Wanda, a resident of St. Ann’s Home.

Her nomination read: “She takes exceptional care of Wanda.  Always checking to see if Wanda is OK or if she needs anything.  Sasha closely monitors what needs to be done or if a protocol needs to be modified.  I am impressed by how organized she is.  Wanda’s room is always neat and orderly.”

Tammy Weissinger (LPN, 2nd floor of SAH) was nominated for the STAR award by an anonymous resident of Wegman Care Center.

The nomination read: “Tammy is an extremely helpful nurse. From the little things she does, like giving me crackers after a bad-tasting medicine, to the bigger things like requesting things that make me feel better and making sure my oxygen levels are OK.  She is always cheerful with a wonderful personality. I’m fortunate to have Tammy caring for me.”

Marshell Martin (CNA, 2nd floor SAH) was nominated by a friend of Dwight, a resident on the 2nd floor of St. Ann’s Home.

Her nomination read: “Shelly is always attentive, caring, and considerate of Dwight and all the residents. She brings Dwight special Lactaid ice cream, and does many other helpful things as well.”

Tammy Leader-Lindeman (PT Assistant), was nominated by Arline, a former Transitional Care patient.

Her nomination read: “All the staff was very good to me, and Tammy was extremely helpful.”

Marie Jackson (with Monica Perry) was nominated by Darlene, daughter of a former resident of St. Ann’s Home.

Her nomination read: “Marie treated my mother with respect and dignity.  Marie is cheerful and full of energy.  I knew Marie was there.  My mother was nicely dressed, hair combed, and jewelry on.  Thank you, Marie, from the bottom of my heart.”

The entire 4th floor staff of St. Ann’s Home was also recognized with a STAR award by Darlene. She said, “Thank you everyone for the care given to my mother these past four years.  Your kindness was truly appreciated.”

Lillian Faison-Knight (LPN, 4th floor SAH) was nominated by Vincent, a resident of St. Ann’s Home:

Her nomination read: “Ms. Faison-Knight was very busy on Sunday morning, yet she showed wonderful care and professionalism in helping me clean up and dress my Father on his birthday.”