Open Mike July 8, 2015

On July 22nd St. Ann’s Community will be hosting our new signature event, The MED. This new “esprit de corps” event will showcase St. Ann’s and offer a chance for our care partners to meet more of our staff and to see for themselves all we offer the greater Rochester community. Our medical colleagues will join us to learn more about our clinical capabilities, our exceptional clinical outcomes, tour our community and enjoy the hospitality and culinary expertise of our own team.  In this new world of healthcare; hospitals are changing, home care is changing, nursing homes and transitional care are all evolving. The time for partnering and collaborating is upon us with new fortitude.  Proudly, St. Ann’s is now clinically capable of helping more patients and we can now offer care few communities can. Our medical team has been diligently training to offer more services to rehabilitate cardiac patients with better outcomes; we continue our Heart Matters program which provides cardiac specific care to anyone who has a cardiac condition regardless of the reason for their entrance to transitional care.  Our Parkinson’s speech therapies do the same; offering innovative and progressive services to all those with Parkinson’ disease. Our newest services in cardiac care will include LVAD patient care, care for those on Milrinone drug therapy and life vest patients. We have also recently included tracheotomy care to our capabilities profile and the list is growing… as our doctors and nurses are exploring new ways to serve those we are privileged to care for. I look forward to this  evening of “camaraderie and cheer” as we can proudly showcase all St. Ann’s Community brings in collaboration with our medical partners and to continue to grow and be integral in coordinating the best care for the most important people on earth.  See you at “The Med”.

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