Of Fireworks and Freedom

On July 4th, we celebrate the birth of our nation and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

It’s a time of family gatherings and fireworks, of parades, picnics, and patriotism. It’s also an especially profound time to thank our veterans for their sacrifices and for defending our freedom.

We are proud to have many veterans among the residents of St. Ann’s Community. For one of them, a very special moment of thanks occurred just a few months ago, in recognition of service he gave more than 70 years ago.

Mr. Robert Lopiano, a resident of Chapel Oaks, was awarded the Legion of Honor medal from the French Consulate for his service during World War II. Mr. Lopiano flew 25 missions as a B-17 tailgunner, 11 of them over France. It was service that the French government never forgot.

“What saddens me,” he said, “is all the guys who are gone who deserve this medal.”

Mr. Lopiano is one of many veterans who live independently at our Chapel Oaks and Cherry Ridge communities. In addition, we are proud to count 53 veterans among our residents at St. Ann’s Home.

Looking for a great way to say thanks? Consider visiting a veteran at St. Ann’s Home. A little bit of your time and an ear to listen is all it takes, and it means the world. To find out how, contact Barbara Joyce in our Volunteer Office: (585) 697-6523 or [email protected].

This 4th of July, we salute the veterans of St. Ann’s Community and all those who served so bravely to uphold the freedom we enjoy.

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