Lisa Giles, St. Ann’s CNA Mentor, is Promoted to New Role in Talent Acquisition

Posted on June 4, 2021 |

 You may recognize Lisa’s face from visiting St. Ann’s, or you may have even seen her while you’re stuck in traffic (her picture is on the side of several St. Ann’s transportation vehicles). As of last month, you’ll be able to meet with Lisa Giles in her new role as CNA Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Assistant with St. Ann’s Community.

Lisa started her career as a Nurse’s Aide back in 1988, when her daughter was just 6 months old. With no formal training in healthcare, Lisa and her friend both submitted their applications to work at St. Ann’s Community. Lisa was hired, and as the saying goes, the rest is history…

“I can remember my first day working on the 5th floor, I was so unsure of myself. The aide I was training with made me feel more confident – she was so quick, efficient, and the residents all seemed to know her, and they were friends. The next day when I came in to work, the nerves were gone, and I haven’t looked back since,” says Lisa Giles. “As a CNA, you are the first person that many of our residents see when they wake up. You are such an important person.”

Driven by the desire to provide the highest level of care for the residents of St. Ann’s, Lisa is also highly motivated by her fellow coworkers. She cannot stress enough the importance that her coworkers have had on her professional development. As a matter of fact, arriving in the morning and getting to see all of her fellow friends – many of whom she now refers to as her family – is the favorite part of her day.

“I’ve learned from the best. My coworkers and friends make me more relaxed, they are constantly teaching me things, they encourage me to keep going and never give up. I’ve met so many fantastic people along the way to where I am now,” Says Giles.

Over the years Lisa’s hard work and determination has been evident, so when St. Ann’s HR department was thinking about creating a new position, whose responsibilities included finding new nursing talent and CNAs, they didn’t have to look far. After 33 years here at St. Ann’s, and many of those years serving as a mentor for CNAs, Lisa was the perfect fit for a job in Talent Acquisition.

“I do my best to always chat with new employees, converse with them, and encourage them. I always need to know everybody. Sometimes, employees just need a little push. You never know what form of encouragement someone may need – whether it’s big or small – so I always try to interact and encourage whenever possible. There’s nothing I don’t know about what it takes to be a great, compassionate CNA – and what it takes to succeed in the role,” Says Giles. “I am so blessed for my new role, but I am going to make sure that I’m still the same Lisa – talking, laughing, and encouraging everyone.”

St. Ann’s is so eager to see all that you’ll accomplish in your new role, Lisa! Congratulations on this well-deserved accomplishment!

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