St. Ann’s Community wins Innovative Employer Award at Child Care Council’s Start Bright Gala

Posted on October 24, 2019

 St. Ann’s Community was recently named Innovative Employer of the Year by the Child Care Council of Rochester for providing free summer camp for its employees’ children. This award celebrates the importance of high-quality child care and early education in ensuring children get a bright start to the future.

Every summer, St. Ann’s Community hosts an imaginative and educational summer camp that has grown from six to over 65 campers since it began five years ago. This camp keeps children active during their summer break and allows them to interact with our residents throughout the day while also learning about healthcare. There’s also nonstop entertainment including arts and crafts, music, outdoor games, and field trips.

“St. Ann’s Summer Camp is an opportunity for employees’ children to engage in some fun activities, including some with residents,” says Triciajean Jones, Director of Life Enrichment at St. Ann’s Community and founder of the summer camp program. “The experience benefits both the kids and the seniors, who enjoy each other’s company and learn new things from new friends.”

For more information on the St. Ann’s Summer Camp program, contact Triciajean Jones at [email protected]

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