Together, We Rise.

Despite the current crisis, we have much to celebrate at St. Ann’s Community. We’re proud to share these heartwarming stories in this challenging time.

We are beyond excited to share that residents and staff throughout St. Ann’s Community have receive their COVID VACCINE!
This festive Care Plan Team strolled throughout the Wegman Care Center, passing out ‘candy grams’ and singing Christmas carols!

St. Ann’s Community honored our veterans, and live streamed a special Veterans’ Day chapel service via YouTube.

In honor of all of us at St. Ann’s and essential workers across the globe, staff and residents are showing spirit & strength by wearing blue!

Toni, a resident of The Greens, wrote the most perfect poem for the staff of St. Ann’s Community. You can read it here.

Bob and Betty, both residents at Cherry Ridge, celebrated their ‘Platinum’ wedding anniversary in style!

A local Veteran stood outside and held a salute for the seniors of St. Ann’s Home & Wegman Care Center, 46 of whom are Veterans themselves.

The staff at Cherry Ridge put together a surprise anniversary dinner for Gerta & Don’s 73rd wedding anniversary!

For one of St. Ann’s Residents – this election was her first time voting, and the look of pride on her face when sharing that secret was cause for celebration!

Take a virtual tour of Chapel Oaks with us from the comfort of your own home! View on St. Ann’s Facebook page – Link HERE.

Families, friends, and employees gathered last night for the March of Light at St. Ann’s Community, a walk to support families affected by COVID-19.

Todd Klugh, Executive Chef, along with the dining team have launched an in-house pizzeria for the residents of Chapel Oaks!

For more stories to brighten your day in challenging times like these, visit St. Ann’s Facebook page.

Notes from St. Ann’s Foundation

If you are interested in helping our elders and care givers, the easiest way is to make a gift to our Area of Greatest Need Fund, or nominate a healthcare hero at St. Ann’s Community for a STAR Award. For more information, contact St. Ann’s Foundation.

St. Ann’s Buddies

The St. Ann’s Buddies are there to brighten the days of our seniors with visits and make sure they stay connected to their family by phone and video. We are so grateful to the St. Ann’s donors who helped fund the purchase of 22 tablets to make these virtual visits happen.

The Buddy Budget

With financial support from the Annie’s Angels Fund, St. Ann’s Community is thrilled to announce the Buddy Budget! This program allows employees to make purchases for their resident buddies in Café Rizzo gift shop, including candy, sweets, coffee, tea, and more!


To our families and our community – your messages of appreciation are truly heartwarming. We are happily sharing all positive messages from you to the entire staff of St. Ann’s Community. You can send them through our contact form.

Dear Dr. Petrone and Staff,

My father is a resident on the 4th floor of St. Ann’s Home, so I write partly as a daughter.  I am also a microbiologist and immunologist who is closely following developments with SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 very closely.  I want to commend you and all your staff on St. Ann’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic.  The actions taken by St. Ann’s reflect an understanding of best practices, a grounding in the rapidly evolving research/new information about the virus, and sincere care, concern, and compassion for St. Ann’s residents and their families.  My family and I truly appreciate the priority given to transparent and timely communications and the quality of information shared.  We are also so grateful to all the staff at St. Ann’s who increase their own risk by caring for our loved ones.  Please keep up the good work and know that you and all the St. Ann’s staff are in our thoughts and prayers.


 Theresa Westbay
Theresa D. Westbay, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biology
St. John Fisher College

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