St. Ann’s Community unveils new Graduate Practical Nurse Residency Program to support nursing careers

Posted on August 19, 2020

St. Ann’s Community is proud to announce the addition of a Graduate Practical Nurse (GPN) Residency Program to its lineup of employee benefits. The program is designed to help support and advance individuals interested in becoming Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).

Applicants of the GPN Residency Program at St. Ann’s Community will receive hands-on training from some of the area’s leading experts in nursing and education while working and being paid as an LPN. This training will coincide with the applicant working towards their board licensing exam. Graduates from the program will be reimbursed for exam costs, and they will be promoted to a higher paying LPN position within St. Ann’s Community upon completion of their residency.

“The Graduate Practical Nurse (GPN) Residency Program at St. Ann’s is designed to acclimate and welcome the new LPN graduate into the increasingly complex long-term care environment,” said Chrisann Fennessey, Director of Education at St. Ann’s Community and head of the new GPN Residency Program. “Graduate Practical Nurses will work on the units and in our nursing classroom and lab with nurse educators who have diverse experience in long-term care, acute care, occupational and community health, and leadership and teaching roles at local schools and colleges. They will also work with nursing staff on various units under Registered Nurse (RN) supervision and interact with other disciplines to gain a better understanding of their roles.”

Prospective Licensed Practical Nurses interested in the GPN Residency Program at St. Ann’s Community are encouraged to apply directly to Amanda Falzone, Talent Acquisition Specialist. A resume, official transcripts, and two letters of recommendation are needed to apply. Application materials can be sent directly to Amanda at [email protected]

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