For these 3 employees of St. Ann’s Community, coming to work is like spending time with their family – because it is!

From left to right: Mike Harrington, Mariya Matiishina, Nataliya Fridrik, Oksana Tsapv.

Posted on May 3, 2019

Sisters Oksana Tspaiv, Nataliya Fridrik, and Mariya Matiishina all members of St. Ann’s Environmental Services Department. Oksana, the ‘baby’ of the 3 sisters, was the first to be employed by St. Ann’s – over 13 years ago! Mariya and Nataliya joined her after that, 12 years ago & 5 years ago, respectively.

Mariya had worked previously with her now supervisor, Mike Harrington, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel several years back. “It was a surprise when I started here at St. Ann’s – I thought, is that Mike? Now he is my supervisor again,” she said.

Originally from Ukraine, these employees speak 4 languages. “We know a little of every language, but are fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. We also speak English and Polish,” said Oksana.

The best part of working at St. Ann’s?

“We really enjoy coming to work at a place where we can converse in our native language with friends who have similar backgrounds. We’re all very hard workers, and great at what we do,” Mariya said. Her sisters agreed.

Their supervisor, Mike Harrington, says his Ukrainian vocabulary has grown over the last few years. “We have a conversation every morning, and I try to learn a few new words,” he said.

Nataliya, Mariya, and Oksana will all be attending the English as a second language class offered by St. Ann’s later this month!

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