Brittany Meehan and Richard Taylor (CNAs, 7th Floor) were nominated by the family of Russel, a St. Ann’s Resident.

“Richard and Brittany are exceptional caregivers,” said the family. “They are ready and willing to be and do their best.”

 From left to right: Claire Menna (CNA), Kelly McNair (CNA), and Valencia Tyson (LPN)
These 3 ladies were nominated for the STAR award by Barbara, the wife of a former St. Ann’s resident.

The nomination read: “My husband was a resident on the 2nd floor. Kelly was his main CNA and she was wonderful to him. Valencia always took time to explain the medications, and make pleasant conversation. Claire was willing to help and do anything without complaint.”

 Ada Reeg, (Waitstaff at Chapel Oaks), was nominated by Chapel Oaks Resident Anthony Palermo.

“Ada created a special condolence of preserved roses from my wife, Mary Ann’s, funeral service,” Anthony said. “She introduced us to our first dining experience at Chapel Oaks in a warm and inviting manner. Ada has infectious joy that she spreads, and a great positive attitude she conveys to residents.”

 Morgan Holsopple (Wellness Coach, right), along with the entire Chapel Oaks staff, were nominated by a resident’s family.

“They helped set up, and the team made arrangements so I could have a memorial service for my son,” Said the family. “Morgan made a horrible day much easier due to her flexible attitude, graciousness, and efficiency in pulling off a memorial service and luncheon.”

 Roxan Norman (CNA, 7th floor) was nominated by the family of Russel, a St. Ann’s resident. They described Roxanne as “an exceptional caregiver who is ready and willing to be and do her best!”

 Jamell Dennis (CNA, Wegman Care Center) was nominated by the family of Roger, a resident of St. Ann’s Home.

“Jamell was assigned to help Roger walk three days a week. He showed up on time, was full of encouragement and kindness, and helped solve any problems,” said Roger’s family. “Roger appreciated his consistency and attentiveness. Jamell is a real credit to  St. Ann’s, and he is our STAR.”

 Caroline Muthoni (LPN, Leo Center for Caring, left) was nominated by Gail Yander (right).

“Caroline embodies caring and compassion,” said Gail. “From the day we met her, she has been gentle, kind, and supportive of Ed and I. She has helped find the rights for difficult situations.”