Eight employees earn CARE awards for going above and beyond

Posted on May 16, 2019

Eight employees of St. Ann’s Community were recently recognized for going above and beyond in caring for residents and contributing to a positive environment. Congrats to Nathan, Evelyn, Janice, John, Rebecca, Tammy, Nicole, and Lindsay – our most recent Care Award Winners!

The St. Ann’s CARE Award is presented to employees who exemplify the “St Ann’s Experience,” which includes being responsible for results; leading by example; performing as one team; sharing expertise; and delivering a personalized experience. Awardees are nominated by their supervisors or other St. Ann’s leaders.

Nathan Campbell – Food Service
Have you ever been in a room with 30 hungry kids chanting “I’m Hungry!”? Nate has.
He was an integral part of February break camp for St. Ann’s employee’s children. Each day of camp, Nate delivered breakfast and lunch to the campers – keeping them well fed and energized for their fun-filled days visiting with residents and participating in a variety of activities. He greeted everyone with a smile and many of the kids started to look for him before each meal. Nate’s ability to care for our special young guests made camp week a success.

Evelyn Dennis, Certified Nursing Assistant, SACC Nursing
Evelyn, a newer employee on our Webster Campus, has made a big impact in a short period of time. She has a keen ability to connect with residents even in the most challenging of situations. One resident proclaimed to the Nursing Staff “(Evelyn) is the best CNA I have had in the 2 years I have been here. She is kind, always comes in when I need her – even when I don’t need anything, she stops in.” He further states, “Evelyn is always prompt and she takes good care of me and my wife (who also resides in the same SACC household).”

Janice Edwards, Certified Nursing Assistant, SACC Nursing
Janice’s work ethic is described as “nothing less excellent.” She delivers a personalized experience every day, with ease – taking time to learn about, share, and deliver on preferences of all residents she interacts with. Without being asked, Janice will let you know what a resident likes or prefers, and share in great detail. Recently, she recognized a need for a resident of St. Ann’s Care Center, and took the time to understand it, and start a regiment that worked best for the individual. Thank you, Janice!

John Fagnan – Transportation
On Friday, January 18th, we were preparing for a big, weekend winter snow storm. Often during these winter events, employees can be snowed (or plowed in) – unable to get to work safely. Hearing that we needed a way to safely transport staff to work, John in the Transportation Department was ready and willing to help. He worked the entire weekend, was extremely cool under pressure and stayed connected with the staffing office at all times. We received so many genuine compliments from the affected staff that John personally helped that day. Thank you, John.

Rebecca Henkel, Occupational Therapist – St. Ann’s Transitional Care Center
Rebecca has been recognized by multiple TCC patients, specifically for how “wonderful and nice” she is. Many patients have mentioned how grateful they are for her kindness as it was “what they needed to help heal emotionally and physically.” Rebecca goes about her day quietly while addressing the needs of her patients, families, and even staff. Though she may be busy taking care of patients, Rebecca will stop what she’s doing and roll up her own sleeves to help out whenever it is needed. Our entire team is so grateful to be on the same team as Rebecca.

Tammy Leader-Lindman, Physical Therapy Assistant – St. Ann’s Transitional Care Center
Nicole Loomis, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant – St. Ann’s Transitional Care Center
A patient from the TCC was lucky enough to work with Tammy from Physical Therapy and Nicole from Occupational Therapy during their rehab stay. The patient stated Tammy and Nicole were very kind and knew what goals needed to be achieved during rehab. The therapists were welcoming to the patient’s family and made sure to include them in their loved ones progress. The patient states “I believe without Tammy and Nicole working with me that my outcome could have been much different and not as smooth a transition to home rehab.”

Lindsay Ward – Speech Pathologist, St. Ann’s Transitional Care Center
One family has dubbed Lindsay “a godsend in our lives.” Lindsay helped this family through several rehab stays, all with compassion and patience, even taking the time to model behaviors, make helpful suggestions, and writing “gentle reminders” for the patient’s room. It would be easy for the patient to lose confidence in their abilities, but Lindsay always has a way of making the patient feel positive and good about herself. Lindsay has been nothing but helpful, even when the patient was no longer under her care – just one more expression of caring that Lindsay demonstrates to her patients and their families.

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