Beauty Comes in Every Age, Color, and Size!

The residents of St. Ann’s Community didn’t need a fashion show to prove that they are fashionable, hip, and full of life – but they had one anyway!

The Bishop Kearney Auditorium, located in St. Ann’s Home in Irondequoit, recently transformed into a red carpet runway. Seats lined the catwalk, spotlights lit the way, and a live musician played guitar (including a very fitting rendition of Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison).

“We couldn’t have pulled this off without the help from volunteers, staff, and family members,” said Jenna Carson, Board Certified Music Therapist and Life Enrichment Advocate at St. Ann’s Community. “The St. Ann’s salon assisted with hair styling and makeup, our Certified Nursing Assistants helped with outfits, and our Occupational Therapists and several family members accompanied residents down the runway.”

The fashion show committee collaborated closely with the clothing store, Stein Mart, for the fashion show needs.

“Stein Mart had the right clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories for our full of life residents,” said Carson. “Residents could choose from bold, animal print clothing, while others opted for lace or an all black ensemble.”

While the event took place this month, the planning committee has been working behind the scenes since 2018. Made up of seven residents of St. Ann’s Home, this group oversaw all details of the show – from clothing and accessory styling to lighting and staging. They also made sure to include runway models of all shapes, ages, and sizes.

“The show was a success on many levels,” said Carson. “Perhaps the greatest was the feeling of empowerment our residents got from knowing they came up with an idea—something meaningful to them—and those who care about them came together to make it happen. For those of us in the Life Enrichment field, that’s really what it’s all about.”

St. Ann’s Foundation, with funding from Annie’s Angels, purchased the fashion show outfits for the residents. Annie’s Angels is a volunteer group that was created to give St. Ann’s residents with limited financial means an enjoyable and active life. There was no denying that the outfits worn down the runway were meant for each resident!

As Flora, a 99-year-old resident of St. Ann’s Home phrased it, “Let’s show people that our generation still has style – and that beauty comes in every age, color, and size.”

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  • Jo Ann Dillon

    This is magnificent and a beautiful thing to see. I worked with Michael McRae many years ago in the Activities Department at another facility so it doesn’t surprise me that St. Anns is providing such amazing opportunities for its residents. Congratulations to all!

  • Keith Gatto

    It’s great to see the organization treating their residents like the models they are as they were the models for our generation to aspire to become. Congratulations to those that organized, walked the red carpet and made it to the community event. It’s all about caring for “The most important people on earth.”

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