Artistic Talent…Our Residents Have Got It!

By Michael E. McRae
President & CEO, St. Ann’s Community
January 2020

“As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.” (John Lubbock)

 The residents of St. Ann’s Community have many talents. Those of us who know them well can attest to this. Sometimes, recognition of those talents also comes from beyond our community.

That was the case recently when four of our residents were recognized for their artistic endeavors by Leading Age New York, an organization that advocates for senior living communities across the state. Leading Age NY received 267 submissions for its 2019 Art Exhibit; of those, four created by St. Ann’s residents were selected for recognition.

Paintings by Mary Lou Swicklik and Elizabeth Jennings will be among the top 70 pieces chosen for display in a traveling exhibit that will be seen across New York State—what an honor! Both artists are residents of St. Ann’s Care Center on our Webster campus.

In addition, paintings by Alice Theodore and Jacqueline Riley received a Staff Choice award and will hang in the offices of Leading Age NY staff members for a year.

Clearly our residents have artistic talent that some of us can only dream of. We are extremely proud of them and the recognition they have earned. We are also proud that the art classes offered at St. Ann’s Community help keep art alive in the hearts and hands of our residents. Funded by Annie’s Angels, the classes allow our seasoned artists (like Mary Lou Swicklik, who has a fine arts degree) to continue their passion, and assist newcomers (like Elizabeth Jennings) to unleash their creativity.

It’s all part of our goal of making sure the things our residents enjoy and find fulfillment in remain a part of their lives.

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