A Poem To Staff – From Toni, a Resident of The Greens

Posted on May 15, 2020

To Staff and Friends,

We would like to Thank You All,
some a little short, some a little tall

No one thought the Virus would be so BAD
and many of us were shocked and so SAD

Plans made for many fell apart
and nearly broke our hearts

People couldn’t go out to work and play,
in their homes they had to stay

Things will probably never be the same,
but yet some goodness really came

People helping each and every other
Shopping for friends and their mother

Telephone lines are always so busy
It’s a wonder they aren’t dizzy

Through it all our staff is there
Even cutting, washing, and curling our hair

The Tea Party, Bingo, Pokeno and the Parade,
yet their smiles never seem to fade

The long hours you all work,
wondering if you’ll go berserk

You are all so very GREAT!
We want you to know we appreciate

Hopefully, we’ll try to be strong
And hope it won’t last too long


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