2018 scholarship award winners honored at recognition event

Posted on July 17, 2018

Thanks to generous donors, 27 employees of St. Ann’s Community received scholarships this year to help further their education.

On August 16th, they were honored at the 11th Annual Employee Scholarship Reception held at St. Ann’s Community at Cherry Ridge.  Dr. Kent Gardner, Principal and Chief Economist for the Center for Governmental Research, was the keynote speaker.

Begun in 2008, the Employee Scholarship Program has awarded 217 employees over $300,000 in scholarships.

“The program is totally donor-funded, made possible by generous gifts from St. Ann’s employees, grateful families, patients, our board members, business partners and the community at large,” said Steve Smith, Vice President, St. Ann’s Foundation, which administers the program. “No one knows senior care like our employees, and we’re proud to invest in them as part of our commitment to our residents.”

Below are the 2018 recipients. Congratulations to all!
Alexander Almodovar, CNA
Elise Arce, CNA
Kristie Bacher, Reimbursement Manager
Connett Bailey-Taylor, LPN
Victoria Bournival, Sr. Executive Assistant & Manager
Barbara Brown, Reimbursement Supervisor
Lorraine Bryan, Sr. LPN
Kelsey Butler, LPN
Sirisopa Chantongkaew, LPN
Stefanie Cumberledge, Nursing Care Coordinator
Brooke Dillworth, Nutrition Assistant
Catrice Donaldson, Nutrition Coordinator
Matthew Evans, Clinical Informatics Coordinator
Andrea Gayle, Nurse Manager
Barbara Gilbert, LPN
Civita Hochreiter, Resident Account Representative
Kemera King, Dietetic Coordinator
Susan Krucher, Physical Therapist
Shannon Murrin, LPN
Angela Ortiz, LPN
Vianette Rodriguez, Senior Resident Account Representative
Alicia Schrom, Occupational Therapist
Naomi Spallina, Speech Pathologist
Jill Tripp, Wound Care RN
Christine Walsh, Clinical Dietician
Janel Welch, Director of Quality
Clarence Ziegler, WCC Operations Manager

LPN = Licensed Practical Nurse
CNA = Certified Nursing Assistant

About the Scholarships being awarded:

St. Ann’s Community Scholarship:
Established in 2008, the St. Ann’s Community scholarships provide annual support to employees who are furthering their professional development through continuing education.
(2018 Winners: Alexander Almodovar, Kristie Bacher, Kelsey Butler, Catrice Donaldson, Andrea Gayle, Civita Hochreiter, Kemara King, Susan Krucher, Vianette Rodriguez, Naomi Spallina, Jill Tripp, Christine Walsh).

Ann & Jim Gould Scholarship:
Jim and Ann Gould recognized the financial challenges many of our nurses face with increasing educational costs and established  their scholarship to help close that gap. They wanted to make sure everyone had the same quality care our staff gave to Jim’s mother while she was in our transitional care program.
(2018 Winners: Angela Ortiz & Shannon Murin)

Kathleen & Jim Leo Scholarship:
Jim and Kathleen Leo’s gift came the day after our 2008 awards program. They were so inspired with what they saw and heard that they established the Leo Family Scholarship. They witnessed first-hand the difference good care makes when Jim’s mother lived at The Heritage.
(2018 Winners: Stefanie Cumberledge & Sirisopa Chantongkaew)

Ann & Patrick McCormick Scholarship:
Ann & Patrick McCormick recognized that not everyone had the same opportunity they had – to pursue their education as far as they desired. The idea of making that pursuit a bit easier for someone else was very appealing to them.
(2018 Winner: Victoria Bournival)

Betty Mullin-DiProsa Nurse Scholarship
To honor her tenure as President & CEO, St. Ann’s Board of Directors created the Betty Mullin-DiProsa Nurse Scholarship in 2014. Funded by generous gifts from those whose Betty’s life touched, this scholarship honors her legacy and her own career path, where she started her work life as a Registered Nurse.
(2018 Winner: Lorraine Bryan)

Sam Fruscione Scholarship:
From an early age, Sam Fruscione stressed the importance of education to his daughter Sandy Parker and her sisters. To honor her father and acknowledge the wonderful care he received while a resident at Cherry Ridge, Sandy created this scholarship in 2014.
(2018 Winner: Barbara Brown)

Carl & Mimi Bayer Scholarship:
Given in memoriam, this scholarship reflects the gratitude Carl and Mimi felt for the care they received while at St. Ann’s. Realizing the importance of quality nursing care, they had the foresight to make provisions in their will for the creation of this scholarship.
(2018 Winner: Elisa Arce)

Laverne & Amelia Graning Scholarship:
Established in 2011, this scholarship was given by Amelia Graning as a meaningful way to honor the memory of her husband Carl. Creating a scholarship was something they often talked about prior to his death.
(2018 Winners: Connett Bailey-Taylor, Matthew Evans & Janel Welch)

A. Richard and Geraldine Kane Excellence in Geriatrics Endowed Scholarship:
The A. Richard and Geraldine Kane Excellence in Geriatrics Scholarship was created through generous donations given in recognition of Dr. Diane Kane’s thirty years of service to the seniors of St. Ann’s Community.  A tribute to her parents, this scholarship represents the inspiration that all parents give to their children to ‘dream big and achieve great things.
(2018 Winner: Brooke Dillworth, Alicia Schrom & Clarence Ziegler)

Tom Tette & Virginia Kennedy-Tette Scholarship:
Established in 2008, Tom and ‘Ginny’ endowed their scholarship with gratitude for the many staff members who cared for generations of their family members, including Tom’s mother, Anna Mae Tette and Ginny’s mother, Lucy Catan.
(2018 Winner: Barbara Gilbert)

To learn more about the Employee Scholarships, please contact Tara Tiberio at [email protected], or call (585) 697-6321.

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